What you should Look for in a Cabling Installer


In these hard economic times, everyone is looking to maximize the money they spend, whether it’s on employees, equipment, or infrastructure. Once you’ve decided what type of data cabling you’re going to have installed and what cabling standards to conform to with your data cabling (Cat5e, Cat 6, Cat 6 Augmented), you need to decide on who to have install that cabling infrastructure for you. While price should play an important role in what contractor you go with, remember the axiom “You get what you pay for. ” You need to make sure the company you choose is properly qualified to perform the work being contracted. See if your candidates can give you references and speak with the people who must maintain the cabling and network infrastructure. Make sure the companies you’re looking at provide a warranty on their work and that they use cabling that also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Do these three things and you’ll be assured of getting the most for your money.cable installation company

Check the Qualifications of the Cabling Installer

This doesn’t just mean that the company has guys that know how to pull cable and make connections. Improper cable installation will degrade network performance. If they do a slipshod job of terminating the cables in closets and at work stations, you’ll also experience network performance degradation. Make sure the people they use to do the design work have some sort of certification, such as at least one BICSI-RCDD (Building Industries Consultation Services International-Registered Communications Distribution Designer), or equivalent. You’ll also want to make sure that the actual installation staff is properly trained in industry accepted installation standards. Again, you should look for installers with internationally recognized certifications.

Insist on References

Just like you usually check the references of every job applicant to make sure they can perform the work they’re being considered for, you should also ask the companies you’re considering for your cable installation for references. Talk to the people in the companies you’re referred to that have to deal with the cable plant on a daily basis. Did the installers leave a mess behind? Did they meet contract deadlines and budgets? Ask if proper cabling documentation was provided to the customer. Find out whether the in-house techs had to go back and fix any problems left by the installer. Lastly, ask them if they would recommend the company that did the work for them. If not, move to another contractor. Also, ask the contact person if they tested any of the links to verify any certification results that were provided to them. Contractors will sometimes double test a link that delivers exemplary results to speed up the testing process and hide any links that don’t perform properly.

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