Millstone Coffee Pods


Though the name itself is not all that well known, Millstone Coffee Pods are rapidly making a name for themselves. Considering all the options, you have to figure any popular coffee pod has some sort of merit. Pods are not cheap, though, so learning about study pods  a brand before throwing money at a retailer is always a good idea. Let’s examine Millstone Pods, and see if they’re likely to be what you’re looking for.

What Company Produces Millstone Coffee Pods?

Millstone started out as a small company in 1981 in Everett, Washington. It’s rather ironic that the Millstone label has been applied to single serve pods since the original company was built around selling whole coffee beans to grocery stores. The company was purchased in 1996 by Proctor and Gamble, though the original owner of the company kept some of the assets back in Everett, using them to start Cascade Coffee Company. In 2008, Proctor and Gamble created The Folgers Coffee Company, using both the Folgers and Millstone names. That same “independent” company merged with the J. M. Smucker Company later that year.

Millstone Pods And My Brewer

Millstone pods should work with no issues in almost all pod coffee makers on the market. As they use the Home Cafe moniker, they can be considered a generic pod, which means they’ll fit all but the oddest coffee pod machine. Lots of folks use Millstone pods with K-Cups machines with adapters as well. As with any pods, you’ll get better results if you massage the grinds a bit and wet the pod before putting it in the machine.

What One can Expect From Millstone

Though the Millstone name has seen more than its share of owners, they each seem to have made a real effort at keeping quality part of the brand. Even now, The J. M Smucker Company seems intent on Millstone being the gourmet coffee pods of their various lines. Although you may pay a bit more, you can generally expect Millstone pods to provide an unusually rich and full taste. Many reviews pit them against Senseo coffee pods, since they fit in the Senseo machines, and Millstone is seen as the superior brand. Options include over 30 various flavors, decaf pods included. Millstone currently does not produce ESE pods, meaning you will need to look at other brands if you want to make espresso in a pod coffee maker.

Obtaining Millstone Pods

It is widely reported that Millstone pods are not always available at small grocery stores or grocery departments at other retail stores. This is likely because the J. M. Smucker Company figures that, in areas where high end coffees are unlikely to sell, the Millstone brand will just compete with Folgers, which they also own. Luckily, however, Millstone coffee pods can be purchased from many online retailers and, being a widely distributed product, pods ship pretty easily with very little drama.

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