China plans a huge solar and wind power rollout in the Gobi desert

The plan is to construct more than 450GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030, which is more than twice as large as the US installed wind and solar power generation fleet.

China plans to construct up to 450 gigawatts of wind power and solar power within the Gobi desert in 2030, the government’s official He Lifeng said on Saturday.

This is more than double the amount of wind and solar energy that’s installed across the USA.

The Client Earth’s China representative Dimtri De Boer told the press: “450GW is really huge. This is the largest portion of the new wind and solar capacity installations until 2030.”

The growing of renewable energy deployment could be “a major economic boost for China’s underdeveloped western regions,” said the official.

The Greenpeace Asia’s Li Shuo said: “This is the positive aspect of the China climate change story. The Chinese population should be accustomed to large quantities… The Chinese problem is to stop the coal part of this story. It is expanding in similar amounts.”

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The Gobi desert is located along China’s northern frontier with Mongolia. It is a cheap land and is full of sunshine and wind.

In the province in Inner Mongolia, which includes the majority the China’s Gobi desert, is the largest coal producer across China and has been pursuing the coal-driven recovery of covid-19, a pandemic.

The World is passing 1TW of solar panels enough power to run the entire of Europe

The major milestone is accompanied by the warning that storage and distribution restrictions mean that it’s only a small fraction of world energy production

The major milestone is accompanied by the warning that storage and distribution limitations make it just a tiny fraction of the global energy supplies

China can bring the price of solar panels to a minimum and is now able to utilize the panels made in China for projects such as this.

“It only makes sense to deploy domestically made renewable energy equipments in big scale as a way to contribute to climate action as well as economic growth,” Li stated.

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