Celebrate Women’s Day With a Personal Touch

9th of 03 is recognized all over the world as ‘International Women’s Day’. This present day celebrates the achievements of women, understands their struggles, and appreciates their contribution towards making this world a better destination for a live. If you are wondering how to make this present day special for the wonderful women in your life be it your mother, sibling or friend then look no further. Here are some interesting ideas:

Let her know

Acknowledge the contribution of all the women in your life. Speak to your spouse, sibling, and mother. Tell them how they have influenced your life. Thank them for their support. Genuinely compliment them for their achievements in professional and personal life. If they have caused some pain in the past then eliminate them and start your relationship over.

Respect is significant

Accept her the way she is. Respect her for who she is. It’s her uniqueness that makes her so beautiful. Listen to her when she is expressing herself. Support her in her dreams and ambitions. She is often more than pleased to you for being so kind.

Treat her like a spoiled princess

Give her a rest from her daily tasks. Cook her favorite meal. Take her out to an exciting shopping destination or let her chill out on a long drive. You could even gift her some luxurious spa deals.

Gear up for a groovy get-together

Organize an event where you can invite all the women in your life. Let this be an inspirational event where these women can invigorate and motivate each other. They can give short speeches and toasts to share with you their struggles in life and how they triumphed over their troubles mesaje de 8 martie pentru femei. They can also share some funny incidents from their lives. Get creative and think about the alternative things they can do to make it a friendly, fun and frolic event. (For all the men out there do not get disappointed, you can participate in this event as a spectator and put across this phenomenal idea to the women you know. But let these ladies take charge of the whole event)

Bonus: You will make new friends and expand your social circle. What more can we ask for?

Time-the most precious gift you can give her

The best way you can make someone feel good is by spending some quality time with them. If you haven’t voiced to her for a long time then just make that phone call. Meet her over lunch or plan for an enjoyable evening at the theatre watching her favorite chick show.

Gifts, gifts and more gifts

Women can never get tired of receiving gifts. We love receiving gifts especially the ones that are carefully crafted to reflect our interests and personality.

If you are looking for some unusual gifts, then see the ideas listed below:

All about the gorgeous girl

What are the qualities you admire in this woman? What makes her so unique and beautiful? Put out these words on a linen of paper( You can cut out small oblong portion from the chart paper you can find and collapse it in the form of a greeting card). With little bit of imagination and creativity you can even weave these words into a personalized poetry or story.

Striking scrapbooking

Create a scrapbooking with pictures of all the exciting and coming in contact with moments of her life. You can approach her friends and loved ones to accumulate the photos. Then surprise her with this striking gift.

Wellness bag

A wellness bag is able to keep her motivated to achieve her goals. It is as unique as the radio of the gift. It can contain any situation that would help her cope up with life’s issues. A motivational poster or book, a DVD of funny videos or a cassette of her favorite music could be some of the items in her wellness bag.

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